Recensione: Pure Active Scrub al Carbone Vegetale della Garnier SkinActive

Review: Pure Active Charcoal Face Scrub Garnier SkinActive

It is a bit pity that I have not seen many reviews for the Pure Active Charcoal face scrub from Garnier Skin Active line. It is an interesting and a bit unusual product for the high street and when I saw it in Boots, I could not resist and I had to try it. I believe it is a product that deserves to be mentioned and reviewed.

I bought it few months back with the intent of using it as a cleanser rather than a scrub especially while traveling. I find that the packaging is more practical and light than many other face cleansers and it looked suitable for the hand luggage during the short haul flights. In your bathroom cabinet, it is perfect size as it does not occupy a lot of space. Yes, I do not deny, the packaging was the main reason why I bought it.

It is a stick like a deodorant, so it is fairly neat and clean and not messy at all as it is compact and not liquid. I tried using it in the shower, but I noticed that the excess of water is not great, whilst if I use it by the sink I have the time and the right amount of water to slide the scrub in the face. It has a sort of elongated shape, which I find very useful to reach out areas that are less linear like closer to the nose and the chin.

It is a fairly light scrub and not so harsh or aggressive in the skin and its main ingredient is the charcoal, which absorbs and clear the pore and unclogs any blackheads.

I highly recommend this scrub! You can find it in all shops that have Garnier in their shelves such as Boots or Superdrug or online FeelUnique, Amazon, Lookfantastic etc.

Hope this has been useful and any comments or if you have tried the below, please do let me now your feedback




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