The Natural Beauty Box, my new recent discovery

14 November 2020

If you have been following this blog for a while, you may have come across my passion for the beauty boxes. In the past, I had few subscriptions from Birchbox, to Lovelula, to GlossyBox, Lookfantastic, LookIncredible that I think I have purchased all of them for a certain period. I simply love the idea of discovering new products and more and more boxes! Since I have embraced a more natural and organic lifestyle, I have also decided to switch my choice towards subscriptions of beauty box which is mainly natural and organic, it is the most affordable way to test and get to know new products and discover new brands that otherwise I would have not had the chance to see.

Beauty Box Subscription: su come ricevere prodotti di bellezza in campioncino

Today I would like to talk about an amazing new natural beauty box that I recently discovered, which is THE NATURAL BEAUTY BOX.

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Magic Opale Body Oil by Ovvio Vita

13th November 2020

As I am getting ready to go to sleep, I have just realized how much I have fallen in love with this incredible body oil, the Magic Opale body Oil by Ovvio Vita,  that I have received in one of the boxes from the Natural Beauty Box few months back. It has become one of my must-go products and an important step in my evening routine.

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The Magic Opale Body Oil is a beautiful silky, very lightweight body oil, almost a dry one I would say, no sticky and mostly it absorbs quite quickly and does not leave the skin with the feeling of being “wet”. It is a sort of multi-purpose oil, suitable for body and face to sooth and nourish your skin. It can be used as a massage oil, a simple post shower moisturizer.

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What is the difference between Concealer and Correcting Cream?

9th November 2020

In the world of makeup, there are plenty of products to chose from, this is a fact! If you are not an expert, it might become quite daunting the choice of the colour, the brand, the texture and indeed the actual product that works for you and your needs. Even when you pay a visit to your local high street shop, you can be easily overwhelmed with the quantity and variety of choices.

I am not an expert or professional in the beauty world, but I am definitely a passionate person who has built up knowledge over the years and I thoroughly enjoy the search, the trials and not least discoveries if you wish to call them as such.

One of the most googled topic in my blog related to makeup is “What is the difference between Concealer and Corrector (Cream)? What are the best techniques to correct the imperfections? If you are interested in learning a bit more, keep on reading here and for  the Italian version, you may wish to read the article Concealer vs Corrector

Qual’ è la differenza tra concealer e correttore?

Recensione: Smooth Sugar Glow Scrub della L’Oreal

8 Novembre 2020

Da quando la pandemia è cominciata e ha drasticamente cambiato la mia (la nostra) esistenza, sono cambiate anche molte delle mie abitudini, come avrete letto nei post precedenti. Da un lato, la vita è rallentata, in ogni senso, lavoro da casa, esco meno e le uscite sono molto più ponderate che in passato. Dall’altro, la disponibilità economica si è ridotta e questo ovviamente spinge a compiere azioni e fare delle scelte diverse. Da beauty blogger anche ciò che compro è cambiato e tendo sempre di più a comprare meno, usare ciò che già ho nella mia collezione e soprattutto non esagerare negli acquisti. Non vi nego lo sforzo di contenere le spese, però è una scelta. Questo, in altre parole si traduce con il fatto che comprando meno, ho meno prodotti nuovi da presentare e recensire e la scelta di comprare è legata a domande come “Mi serve? Ho un’alternativa a casa? Il prezzo è ragionevole?”

Recensione: Pure Clay Detox Wash della L’Oreal