The Natural Beauty Box, my new recent discovery

14 November 2020

If you have been following this blog for a while, you may have come across my passion for the beauty boxes. In the past, I had few subscriptions from Birchbox, to Lovelula, to GlossyBox, Lookfantastic, LookIncredible that I think I have purchased all of them for a certain period. I simply love the idea of discovering new products and more and more boxes! Since I have embraced a more natural and organic lifestyle, I have also decided to switch my choice towards subscriptions of beauty box which is mainly natural and organic, it is the most affordable way to test and get to know new products and discover new brands that otherwise I would have not had the chance to see.

Beauty Box Subscription: su come ricevere prodotti di bellezza in campioncino

Today I would like to talk about an amazing new natural beauty box that I recently discovered, which is THE NATURAL BEAUTY BOX.

For many years, I was a loyal subscriber of Lovelula, which I still love. I have spoken extensively about it and in some of my previous posts. In the last year or so, I started getting a bit bored of it. The feeling of boredom is due to the lack of an innovative approach to the model they have. Many of the products in the boxes were from the same usual brands (the same month in, month out) and sometimes even the same product from the same brand.



At that point, I decided I needed a break from it, but I was not ready to give up on my monthly satisfaction of opening a box and get new discoveries. it is a small personal self-care treat and I find a certain joy in receiving the box, like if it was a present. So why give up?

Now, in my research for a new box, I have found the Natural Beauty Box and oh yes, it is just right up my street!  I have done a bit of research upfront and mostly I compared it to other boxes available on the market before subscribing. It is on the higher end of the scale; it costs an average of £24.95 per month and so I was a bit hesitant. In the end, I decided to go for it and I have now a subscription since the first lockdown has started, in March 2020.

I simply love the Natural Beauty Box and It ticks all the right items. The concept is the same as all other subscriptions, every month you get 5 products, some of them are travel size and some other full size (so far I only had full size products) and it is a mix of beauty care, makeup, accessories and so on. Every product is different and there are so far always different brands month after month.

Collaborazione: Abiby Beauty Box

There are 7 different tiers of subscription (oh dear, I should not be using this word now!):

  • Monthly Rolling Subscription at £24.95
  • 3 Months Prepay at £71.10
  • 6 Months Prepay at £138.00
  • One off pay (no subscription) at £25.95
  • Bi-monthly Subscription at £24.95
  • Plastic Free Quarterly Box at £24.95
  • Lucky Dip Box £10 and you only get 3 products

The subscription can be cancelled at any time, so unless you have prepaid, you can still stop it without incurring in charges. A huge difference with other subscriptions is that they allow to skip some months if for whatever reason you wish to do so. Is not it wonderful! Flexibility is a key for any business these days and the more they are flexible the more chances they have to retain their customers (coz they do not feel any obligation!).


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