The Natural Beauty Box, my new recent discovery



Usually the market value of the products per box is around £50/60 and it is simply worth it! Products are natural, vegan, cruelty free, and whether possible they seem also almost zero waste or low impact on the environment. Majority of the bottles are in glass or carton for example and even the external packaging seems recyclable. In terms of represented brands, there is a mix between well known brands like Green People and PHB Ethical and more luxurious artisanal and local brands. It seems majority are British companies, which is great to support local businesses.

They ship worldwide and although to ship in the UK is complimentary, for the rest of the world there is a different delivery charge, based on the location. The shipment is always around the 20th of each month and I normally receive my box around 28/29th each month. Here I would like to add that there is a wonderful customer service. I had a situation over the summer where I could not receive the parcel because I was away that week, and they shipped two weeks later as I requested. Efficient, reliable, and professional service that deserves a big shoutout!


If you are looking for a natural beauty box, do not think twice, you must try the Natural Beauty Box! It is worth every penny!




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