What is the difference between Concealer and Correcting Cream?

The main difference between concealer and corrector is the consistency and the texture of the cream, consequently the result and appearance on the skin. Concealer has a lighter coverage on the skin and the imperfections may come through, although they will be less visible. Corrector instead has a proper coverage, consistency is a bit thicker and it comes in different colours because of the different colour of the cream, it has an effect of counterbalancing and contrasting the imperfection, reducing completely its visibility.

Concealer usually has the same colour of the foundation or slightly lighter for a brightening and illuminating effect, while correcting. My favourites are Fit Me by Maybelline (perfect dupe for the Radiance Creame Concealer by Nars), the  Radiance Reveal by Bourjois and the Lasting Perction Concealer by Collection (available at Superdrug) In general, you can find many alternative from different brands, you may need to keep an eye and try on to find the right shade and the right consistency, to make you feel at your best!

Much lighter and more brightening is the Touch Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent or  the Dream Lumi Touch by Maybelline. On the very thick consistency is the Camouflage by Catrice (dupe for the Secret Concealer by Laura Mercier) which covers everything and does not move on the skin.

Correcting creams have instead a much thicker consistency and their purpose is to cover completely the imperfection using the contrasting colours technique. You will see in the picture below the colour wheel, which represents all colours and their chromatic relations. The colours in the wheel are distinguished in

  • Primary Colours – These are the basic colours which cannot be created by the union of other colours such as Red, Yellow and Blue.
  • Secondary Colours – These are the colours that you get by adding two of the primary colours such as Purple, Green and Orange, Browns.
  • Third Colours – These are the colours created by adding primary and secondary colours. There are different shades such as violet, burgundy, yellow orange, light green, and so on so forth.
Colour Wheel – Credit WilkemParts School

If you look at the colour wheel, you may distinguish among the Complementary and Adjacent colours, the first sit in the opposite side of the wheel (Keep this in mind as we will come back when we speak about the correcting creams) and the Adjacent which are sitting next to each other in the wheel colour.

Correttori e Concealers

Correcting creams have different colours and hues on the basis of what you need to correct. These are the main correcting creams and functions:

Recensione: Lasting Perfection Concealer della Collection

  • Peachy Colour contrasts the blue of the under eye circles or visible veins.
  • Yellow colour contrasts the purple of your dark circles as well as the skin imperfection like acne
  • Lilac / Lavender Color contracts the yellow dull skin colour, so it helps brighten up the complexion
  • Green  Colour perfect to contrast the redness of the skin from rosacea, or blemishes.

In the market, you can find a number of different correcting creams, either in pots, pans, stick, crayon and so on. My favourite which combine a mix of all is by far the Corrector and primer from Stila (I have spoken about it previously here Stila Correcting Cream 3 in 1).

Stila One Step Correct Colour Corrector

Correttore e Primer della Stila

In terms of application, the correcting creams are applied before the foundation as they need to contrast the discoloration or imperfections of the skins. Concealers are usually used on top of the foundation, although it might depends on the technique you wish to adapt.

Qual’ è la differenza tra concealer e correttore?

For an everyday look, I would say it is difficult to use all the correcting creams, and it might depend on your personal choice and how you feel.

Are you a fun of the concealer and correctors? Do you use them regularly? Which one is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments



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